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KM Group Event Jan 2014

Elias Joins 4 other amazing Conscious Entrepreneurs for this event organized by Karen McGregor-


Make 2014 Your BEST Year Ever!

A Special Live Event for Conscious
Entrepreneurs of High Integrity And Purpose… 

Dear Conscious Entrepreneur,

Some people start a business just to make money. Others (a select few) start a business to truly help improve people’s lives and make the world a better, more enjoyable place to be. These people are known as Conscious Entrepreneurs! 

If this is you, then keep reading…

One of the biggest challenges facing you, the Conscious Entrepreneur, is finding and reaching the people you know your product or service will really help, without compromising your integrity or costing you a fortune.

There is also often the added challenge of educating your prospective customers with why your product or service is better than other main stream options even though it may cost a little more. Let’s face it, these days it is getting harder and harder to sell quality.

Fortunately for you, the solution is finally here!

I’ve managed to find four (4) other top level, Conscious Entrepreneurs who all once shared these same challenges and more. These visionaries have spent years developing strategies to take their little known businesses to a much higher level and sell over six and seven figures annually!

Now they want to share these same secret strategies
in this one day, one time, high impact event!

And best of all, they are ALL heart-based,  Conscious Entrepreneurs who have learned to make their business visible, with high integrity systems and processes that you can learn and take home the same day to begin making 2014 your most profitable year ever!

Just have a look at what you will learn…

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