Create content that connects with your audience and is grounded in the science of how people think! Cutting edge behavioural psychology, neuroscience and marketing intersect to build your brand.


People are seeking new ways to solve problems. How are you and your business unique? When you answer this with effective messaging doors open.


The same old marketing will not work today. “Inspire” is from the Latin inspirare, meaning “to breathe into”. Find ways to breathe life into your audience and leave them wanting more.


Find the best method for your message. Video, blogging, websites, social media, live presentations or whatever your will get you results. Business Brain will find the way with you!

Matt Astifan

Elias has shown me powerful strategies which have helped me to create persuasive marketing material for my social media workshops. With Elias’ coaching I have learned how certain words in your communication style can impact your relationship with others dramatically. I recommend Elias as a keynote speaker for your events or as a group facilitator for your company.

Matt AstifanFounder of Web Friendly | Facebook Marketing Expert | Social Media Speaker | Director of Internet Masterminds Grouphttp://www.webfriendly.ca/
Vanessa Pratt

Elias is a charismatic and engaging speaker with a vast knowledge on brain science and how it can help your business. His presentation to our team was full of valuable skills that can be used as sales tools to help the performance of your business. Overall, Elias brings a new perspective with a fun approach. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to enhance their communication process.

Vanessa PrattInstitute B | Communications, Curriculum Planning, Events, Promotions, Marketing and Social Mediahttp://www.instituteb.com